Antique China head dolls

Published May 10, 2020 by AntiqueMystique1

Well, I quit counting and I better quit. I’ve downsized my Victorian era dishes entirely. I’ve since found antique China head dolls to be a joy to collect. But they’re the TLC antique variety. I really don’t favor near mint condition antique dolls since I love the unique characteristics all of my China head dolls have. The difficult thing is trying to identify the makers. All of them are German made. I get my Bawo & Dotters mixed in with my Hertwigs. I have a few ABG China head dolls and some Kestners. I enjoy the pet name Hertwig dolls, the best.

My second favorite are the turned head styles. Low brow, high brow, flat tops… my cat LOVES to nap on these dolls. I haven’t made sense why cats love to curl up on dolls and knead their claws into the cloth limbs, and sometimes my cat will happily flop herself down onto a large Bertha doll with porcelain legs. I keep my dolls displayed behind glass so my cat won’t figure she can ruin those beautiful dolls. I don’t find antique china head dolls to be creepy. I always thought the French bed dolls of the 1920s/ 30’s to be eerie. And the composition crier dolls are high maintenance due to their composition not withstanding sudden temperature changes.

I originally thought my collection was completed with “Peg leg”, the one-legged antique tiny China head doll in my display, but the inevitable happened, rather tragically and suddenly, and dear little Peg leg went into perpetual mourning. She never got to meet her name-giver, my late Fiance, who gave her the nickname, peg leg. My late Fiance had another favorite he had seen pictures of. She was another TLC beauty, hair- stuffed and stamped such on her pink cloth torso in faded purple ink. She’s bigger than Peg leg, her companion. I sized down a locket for this doll. I worked until the wee hours just a week after finding out about my late Fiance’s death. I was a hopeless wreck and losing your soulmate will cause a person to go through a rollercoaster of mixed emotions, unbearable exhaustion and the ever present sadness that accompanies losing one so dear and special. The China head dolls filled my spare time with projects. But they’ve been a great source of comfort, and happiness.

I’d say if anyone wants to begin their collection always try Ruby Lane, although some of their dolls might be expensive. Ebay is another great place. If we weren’t in self quarantine right now, then I’d say shop local at the thrift store, antique shops. etc. I also had a few little French pocket dolls, mignonette dolls, but they are expensive and quite fragile due to their size, and wood pulp bodies that were crude in design. But those I keep on a bookshelf in a separate room away from my cat, who would have a field day throwing them around like an astronomically expensive antique cat toy. As always thank you for following, commenting and liking. I always appreciate it. πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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