May 20 2016

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Things I Miss the Most.

Published May 20, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

This is one of those trips down memory lane. And for the most part, whatever became of all those ‘In a jiff meals’ that are non-existent nowadays? Well, while my mind seems to be on the topic of food, cooking and whatnot, I decided to share some long gone missed meals that my mom used to prepare. And this is in no particular order, by the way.

Chip beef gravy over mashed potatoes. Not entirely a meal that can’t be made nowadays, but sort of falls within the ‘missed meals’ category since I no longer eat processed lunch meats.

What you’ll need:

One package of Carl Budding sliced beef pre-packaged slices (found in the lunch meat section). Remove the slices from the package. Discard any moisture-absorbing packets as they contain poison. At least some of the pre-packaged sliced meats contained these at one time. Cut the beef slices into strips and small chunks. Set aside.

Wash, peel and slice some potatoes and boil them until tender in a sauce pan. Drain off excess water and mash them with a splash of milk, a little salt and butter (optional).

In another sauce pan bring some milk to boil. I believe my mom used to put in a little bit of corn starch to make a white gravy. It’s been ages since I last watched her make this easy cheap meal. Before the gravy becomes too thick, remove from heat, add in the sliced and cubed beef slices, stir it and serve over mashed potatoes. This recipe should yield enough to feed three persons on a single serving. Therefore, if you want more, double up on the recipe. Best served warm and refrigerate any leftovers.

Missed meal (defunct) Soup Starter:

Whether with meat or chicken added in or completely vegetarian, this was always great on a cold and/ or stormy day. Put the contents of Soup Starter and water in a Crock Pot and let it cook for you. And after a long hard day by suppertime this soup awaited you and the aroma was wonderful! 🙂

This was the only ‘soup’ in a tall cardboard container that was inexpensive to make, required very little extra ingredients, made plenty for second helpings with some for leftovers. Soup Starter was popular during the 1980s and was one of those brands that quietly disappeared from store shelves. I hear it was renamed Wyler’s Mrs. Grass. Oh, and Soup Starter was no stranger to pack an MSG wallop, either and very high in salt and sodium. I remember the ingredients in Soup Starter were dehydrated (freeze-dried) small veggies, shell macaroni, dry broth, and if you wanted meat or chicken you could add in a piece of either. Soup Starter made 2 quarts of soup. It came in beef or chicken, I believe. I was fond of the beef flavor.

There was once a  pre-boxed itty bitty ‘bow tie’ macaroni product by Kraft (no longer made) that contained small slivers of dehydrated carrot and some other spices. My mother also made that quite a bit and served it over mashed potatoes along with a veggie like corn, peas or green beans. I don’t remember the name of this pre-boxed side dish, but I liked it and haven’t seen it on store shelves since the very early 80s.

I believe that’s it for the defunct meals in a box and canister for now. Again all likely loaded with MSG nastiness, but duplicating these recipes might take some scouring store shelves to find the freeze-dried ingredients.

Thanks for liking, re-blogging, sharing, commenting and tweeting. I sincerely appreciate it. 🙂 If I happen to think of any more I will add to this post.