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80’s shredded jeans: Tutorial with pictures.

Published January 14, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

Okay all you headbangers, metal militia dog tag owners, Z-rock 50 loving, concert-going 80s kids everywhere, here’s my first tutorial with pictures on how to re-create your own pair of 80’s shredded jeans. I decided to do a more in depth tutorial to show off how these were originally created, at home by me and my sister when we were younger. These shredded jeans were very popular with teenagers back in 1989-1991. This original fad nowadays has many copy cats and their reincarnations don’t quite depict the accuracy to my memory and why is that? Is it because the new torn jeans are made in China? Not really. It’s because the newer styles nowadays aren’t period correct to the 80’s. And sometimes you just have to have somebody who lived it, experienced and made these jeans routinely step in and impart their knowledge down to the younger generation and that’s what I decided to do.

I received a burst of inspiration today after I dragged my tired self to the mall. I was in search of black rubber bracelets, and alas, none of the jewelry/ trendy clothes stores sold any when I inquired. So, the last place I ventured into (and hadn’t stepped into before) was the modern day version of “the Brass Buckle”. After speaking with a friendly twenty-something and getting a no on the particular bracelets I was in search of, I thanked them and browsed the clothes displayed on a nearby table. I noticed a pair of “Daisy Duke” frayed shorts and flipped the price tag over.

$45 dollars for a pair of shorts I could easily re-create at home? I don’t think so.

I then checked the prices on a pack of bangle bracelets, $19. Nope. I’m outta here. I started to leave when another young store clerk complimented me on my jeans and tried to persuade me into trying on a pair of shredded jeans they had, then asked me what size do I wear. I replied, quite taken back, “I don’t know”, and without so much a second glance at the pair of jeans he was holding, left the store.

I can only imagine those pair of jeans were likely $68 or higher. For that price I could crank out several pairs of shredded jeans. As always, thanks for liking, re-blogging, sharing, commenting. I sincerely appreciate it.  Should you have any questions about my tutorial, feel free to leave me a comment. I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks! 🙂

P.S.- Depending on the jeans these may take a while to fray. Not sure if the jeans pictured will fray or not, but that was the desired effect when making them. And sometimes my sister and I would sew bandannas inside the slit often resulting in the fabric falling apart entirely. It was incredibly difficult to do since it had to be hand sewn (not to mention expensive to buy the actual bandannas). Therefore, my sister and I often wore panty hose and/ or leggings underneath.

shred pants 1 shred pants2

shred pant3

shred pants 4

Step 5: finished results should look something like this.

shred jeans step5