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A Dangerous Tune is out and available for purchase, but…

Published September 12, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

Don’t expect A Dangerous Tune on Weebly. I don’t plan to be updating that particular site because its extremely slow and very frustrating to use. I have to add two things in a drag and drop method: the text and then a picture box.  And when I mean slow, I mean you can cook a three course meal, clean house, run some errands and the page you’re working on still hasn’t done much.

I opted for the free version of Weebly so I can’t expect much. My PC is running fine so its not an outdated issue effecting this particular website’s extreme snail pace problem. I just simply give up when trying to add new stories, books and book covers on there and don’t have time to just waste three hours or more waiting for the page to load. Sometimes nothing comes in, then I have to close out the browser and re-open it at least four times. I try to have everything written in advance. This way all I have to do is copy and paste. But the font isn’t right. The title can’t be changed once you think of one to add and that’s another headache I get when trying to update my Weebly site. Sure, I can go back in and re-write everything in the text box until my heart’s content. Therefore, if those of you want to snag a version of fellow indie author Evan Asher’s book, here it is:

The trouble begins when Kristol inherits her grandma’s antique phonographs
#books #romance #suspense

A dangerous tune smashwords coverEnjoy and as always, thank you for re-tweeting, liking, re-blogging, sharing, commenting, etc. I sincerely appreciate it. A sincere thank you! also goes out to Evan as well. Thanks for allowing me to be your co-author. 🙂