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Those pesky extra ” marks and other annoying things your Kindle will display…

Published September 4, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

I turned on paragraph return. I skimmed through just the first three pages of my Abide with Me cleaning up the extra ” marks that shouldn’t have feasibly found their way into my dialog, but they do and still continue to do so. My mind is numb from all this writing. I’m pulling double duty trying to add the finishing touches to my vampire sequel and being co-author for another story. My eyes are strained and it’s late. I keep working away and take frequent breaks. I skim through my stories on my Kindle to catch mistakes.

What is it with formatting? I feel there should be one universal word pad document that can be uploaded without problems. Trying to nit-pick those extra quotations marks and extra letters and the annoying fused together “ae” leaves me scratching my head as I try to realize why, after I went through the story a billion times, these little oddities in the writing realm keep showing up on the uploaded versions. I don’t want readers to think, “Aw, man… she can’t edit!” Show me one author that has perfect, flawless uploads and I will be impressed. I’m sure this happens to the best of them. I clack the keys. My finger seldom tire, but boy howdy!, the editing process is tiresome.

I don’t disregard the editing process. That’s vital to make a good story (actually any kind of writing) come to life. I just wish there was a faster process to catching and correcting all these annoyances without having to manually scroll through every page, read every line, and double-check the paragraphs.