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How to make your own flavored tooth picks.

Published May 14, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

How to make your own cinnamon-flavored toothpicks:


Things you will need:


Wooden took picks.


One bottle of Lor-Ann hard candy cinnamon flavored candy making oil. Actually, any flavor of Lor-Ann brand oil/ hard candy flavoring will do.


Take two or three tooth picks at a time and gingerly dip them into the small dram Lor-Ann bottle. Keep tooth picks in the bottle for about a minute, gently remove and place in a custard cup to thoroughly soak up the cinnamon oil and allow to air dry over night.


Repeat using a few tooth picks at a time taking care not to spill the contents of the tiny jar of hard candy flavoring to make as many (or as little) flavored tooth picks as you desire.


Helpful tip: discard any green-colored tooth picks. This might be a nasty chemical treatment that was used back in the 80’s manufacturing of preserving fence posts and wooden playground/ tree houses when creosol was once used to preserve telephone pole from rotting back in the ground, then not allowed due to possible carcinogens. Creosol resembled black tar and would give off a strong smell in the heat of summer as I recall. I believe this mysterious ‘green wood’ treatment was it’s successor. Anyhow, discard the tooth picks if they’re green and use the best looking ones. Finding American-made wooden tooth picks is pretty much a thing of the past nowadays. When tooth picks used to be USA made never did I come across one made with green-looking wood. It could be inferior wood, who knows. I just remember hearing that the green wood had/ maybe still contains some nasty chemicals that can leave chemical burns on your skin. My ex actually told me this when he put in a fence using the [then] newer treated wood fence posts and sustained splinters that set his skin on fire for days on end.


Other Lor-Ann brand varieties that might make good flavored toothpicks: cherry, watermelon, lemon, spearmint (tried), peppermint (personally tried and love), orange oil, bubblegum, crème de menth (has a soft chocolate Andes mint kind of light flavor since its not really an oil, more of a hard candy flavor that would be great in a crème center filling in hard candy, personally tried and liked), cinnamon (personal favorite), raspberry, root beer flavor, etc.


I haven’t tried all the above listed except where noted. Also, make sure it is Lor-Ann brand hard candy making oils. If you purchase them at wally world they’ll cost $4 for a double pack. If you purchase from Hobby Lobby they’ll be about $3.67 for a pack of two. If you shop on Amazon for these hard candy oils they make cost more/less depending on shipping.


These hard candy oils come in tiny dram-sized glass bottles with imprinted neck bands and a recipe booklet is included I believe for making various hard candies as well. As always, thanks for liking, commenting, tweeting, re-blogging, sharing, I truly appreciate it!  🙂