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Reviews and experiences: Orly ‘rainbow flop’ color blast nail polish and Careers that ‘don’t’ fit. –

Published January 14, 2017 by AntiqueMystique1

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and followers. 🙂  Yes, I know this blog post is a little crazy but I figured to bundle up all my recent experiences/ reviews into one post on here and since time is limited for me. I don’t have as much time as I once did to post until my heart’s content.  So, here we go…

My review of Orly’s “rainbow flip” or ‘flop’ rather in my case.

I love the shimmery, almost metallic/glittery hues. What I dislike about this nail polish is that it will set a person back about $7.  Orly nail polish does applies extremely unevenly, very thin, and transparent so make sure you have a TON of nail polish remover on hand because this nail polish will be an exercise in frustration and it will drip everywhere in a goopy mess the more you try to apply it. Secondly, I feel they could at least reduced the price for what you get. And as luck would have it K-Mart had only one bottle left. Not that I mind, but…

I tried to apply it and it didn’t work out for me, at least not on my fingernails. It worked okay for my toe nails, but after a while the paint wears off easily.  Would I recommend this nail polish? Possibly if it was better quality, and if it doesn’t contains nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, etc.  I have no idea what the chemical rating is for Orly nail polishes on the Environmental Watch Group website.


Bubble wand spiral curl curling iron and Bedhead waving iron reviews:

The Bubble wand curling iron. It actually creates spiral curls on an extremely high heat setting so be warned and don’t fry off your hair. I did try it out today on its lowest setting since it does warm up fast to the touch within 30 seconds.  And me and time management we’re still adjusting. I had plenty of time to get ready and be out the door, and perhaps I didn’t give this bubble curling iron half a chance. However, the curls it created in my hair didn’t look like the tiny, tight gorgeous spirals pictured on the box.

Uh, that’s because in advertising looks are almost deceiving, plain and simple. Oh, yeah, and photoshop adds some luster to those long spiral locks as well. Anyway, I was unimpressed for now with the Revlon’s bubble curling iron.  I feared if I tried it on a high heat setting, I’d be wearing a stocking cap to work for many years. My hair is delicate to say the least and naturally fine, so maybe that’s why it won’t work for different hair types. But what I’d like to see Revlon put out is one identical to it, but design one just like  a standard curling iron where a it will clamp a strip of hair in place so you don’t have to potentially burn any hands or fingers trying to keep a strand wrapped around the bubble shape rod.  And the heat-resistant styling glove will melt to this curling iron. It’s stated in the leaflet stuffed in the glove it’s intended purpose is just to prevent fingers from the occasional burn, but the glove itself is made of plastic. Yikes! Uhm, well, in that case, I will be extremely careful not to get my hand too close to the tip or the wand itself while I’m trying to use it.

As far as the design is concerned, it could be better made. I do like the bubble style of the curling iron though, it’s different. I do miss not having the option to clamp my hair with a standard curling iron though.


The bubble wand is made by Revlon and sells for about $27.00 at Wallyworld. I purchased mine when I got off work since there’s no way I could physically do the impossible and be in and out of Wallyworld in less than five minutes, manage to get through all that daytime throng people just milling around aimlessly and/ or most of the time talking and parking their shopping carts in the middle of the aisles taking up space and yet still make it to work on time.  I also did some price-comparison shopping on Amazon and with the internet tax it would have been more including shipping and handling. So, I decided to buy one from Wallyworld.

Another interesting hair-styling gadget that caught my eye is the BedHead weaver iron. This chunky-looking waving iron looks and feels too big for my needs and my naturally fine hair will thank me later that I didn’t purchase this. However, for those that love those ‘beach curls/waves’ I would highly recommend getting a Bedhead Waving iron. But I encourage those to read as many reviews as possible before making any hair styling purchase. Same goes for the aforementioned nail polish brands.


Careers that ‘don’t’ fit:

I thought I wanted an additional 3rd job. I sincerely believed I had what it took to get into retail and completed some applications online. Most places I didn’t hear back from. Other places like the one I recently interviewed for had some very strange replies to my job interview status follow-up. In fact, they didn’t want me visiting the store, nor calling to check up on the status of my post-interview process  like what was the standard way of doing things when actively job-searching. And back in my day (and many others) the old way of doing things is you waited one week after being interviewed and then checked back either in person, phone call, etc.

The manager’s eyes shifted away from me instantly and they pretended to focus on something else in the store and quietly, yet quickly told me, “We send out the ‘auto-generated’ response email.”

And AntiqueMystique says a very bad word during the 15 minute interview: the “c” word.

Oh, forgive me, I didn’t know “commission” was politically incorrect. I unintentionally blurted out a major ‘no-no’ for this retail chain when saying that word without knowing.  They refer to commission as “progressively active something-or-other” that sounds like a string of run-on words that can be simply said in one word: Commission. The hourly rate is purely based on how much the right sale’s associate can sell clothing.

I could sense it wouldn’t work out because I can deduct a lot from a person’s mannerisms within the first few minutes I meet them. The shifty glances, unease in posture, and the fast-talking, “seems interested” when they really aren’t tell me volumes of the personality.


And when I am sheilded from view so that the “shoppers can shop” so I’m told. I say a very polite, “Excuse me” and pretend not to notice that I’m not what this manager wants or expects from a job applicant. In fact, I don’t come off as high pressured because that’s not me. Secondly, I’m quiet and soft-spoken. I have a physical handicap: my voice that I have no control over. If I try to speak loudly, it comes off sounding mean or angry which I’m not.  Face it, AntiqueMystique, you simply aren’t a “fit” for this retail giant.  In fact, I was relieved that I didn’t have any typical questions come up like can I afford to purchase their clothing? For God’s sake don’t ever say “No”. Say, yes and given time I can build a wardrobe. In reality, I had to put two vests on layaway from this retail store and I didn’t even breathe a word of that during the interview. I did explain that all I had was one ‘night out on the town’ dress (yes, I know, skimpy and it isn’t job interview-ish, but at least it covered me decently).  And I’ve seen their shop girls (I don’t like the PC terminology like sales associates), wore a different store’s clothing.

I’m very reserved and don’t think that showing cami-straps, bra straps, or any type of tank strap garment is fashionable, far from it. See? I wouldn’t make a good ‘fit’ for this company at all. I’m too reserved, too old-fashioned, but do try to keep abreast that this clothing retailer is for young fashion forward men and women.  I’m generally very upbeat, positive and can be out-going, but here again, that won’t always make or break a person. It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Another reason the retail part-time job wouldn’t have worked out is I do have a full-time position that pays the same.  And they promise a better hourly wage which is the old bait and switch routine. And I just don’t have the massively huge bank account nor the endless funds to purchase their over-priced clothes just to work there. The bad drawback is that I wouldn’t have been ahead in achieving my goals and financially, I’d be losing money just to work a part-time job that likely wouldn’t have panned out for me anyway. My future in retail is undecided for the present time. Thanks for liking, re-blogging and commenting, I truly appreciate it. 🙂





Nail Art #2: stripes and glitters.

Published January 18, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

stripe fingers for nail blog 1-17-16

I’m writing this to showcase the different designs you can create if you have a lot of time on your hands and love nail art. Time consuming? Yes. Frustration level? That depends on your level of patience, and if you can set aside one day to devote to nail art, it’s worth it. And with a lot of practice some of these styles will become less time consuming, especially if you have the right nail art accessories on hand like nail scissors, nail fashion tape (comes in many colors), a nail stamping kit, etc.

All I had at my disposal is… nothing fancy. I did have a few pair of nail scissors lying around. Since I’m still a newbie to the vast universe of nail art, I’m still adding to my collection as time allows. For now, I have to rely on my steady hand to create some stripes on my nails.

It’s only easy when you have a steady hand. Otherwise, the stripes won’t turn out as expected. I used a strip of Scotch tape and cut it down to size. Next, I applied my choice of color and allowed it to dry. Since I had very little luck with painting my nails white first, I simply applied the nail polish straight on my nails and peeled off the tape. There was a clean straight line. However, the hard part came in since I didn’t want to ruin what I just painted by using another piece of tape or allow it to dry thoroughly, so I hand painted different shades to fill in the stripes and it took me two hours.

I did try the marble water nail art and it didn’t turn out good I thought. I was able to get my nail polishes to create a bull’s eye when it hit the room temperature water, on my second try though, the nail polished dropped like a bead in the water. Plus, if you don’t cover your cuticle and around your finger in tape first before you soak it, the polishes will adhere your skin and is difficult to remove even with good acetone nail polish cleaner.

Hope you enjoyed this latest installment of my beginner’s nail art. Thanks for liking, re-blogging, sharing, commenting, I sincerely appreciate it. And if you have any tips, advice or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section. Thanks! 🙂

The Studio Rockstar nail polish kits: Glitzy Glitter Glam and Neon color 6 packs:

Published January 14, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

Copy of nail kit for blog Okay, it’s actually five different items I’m writing about. I returned to Dollar General and bought the last “glitzy glitter glam” 6 pack Studio Rockstar nail polish, and the regular neon-colored Studio Rockstar 6 pack nail polish which doesn’t glow in the dark (pictured). The regular neon kit did have an interesting shade of purple which looks awesome. I also purchased a nail dryer kit from L.A. Colors. Now the reason why I will not be using L.A. Colors nail polishes is due to the dangerous chemicals and the high levels of Formaldehyde content. I double-checked the Rockstar brand nail polish chemicals, and although, they do reek of chemicals, decided to get it because I can always use these nail polishes for multi-purposes. If you ever find yourself in a bind and need some paint to finish small projects, then nail polishes come in very handy for that especially if you get snowed in and get bored of the internet.

I also purchased some more nail polish by a company called Sinful Colors. It’s a brand of nail polish that doesn’t contain the nasty three dangerous chemicals. Sinful Colors is DPB, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. I found some at Big Lots for $1.95. And if your Big Lots has a vast aisle of cosmetics, they may stock some different colors. I found the standard ‘black’ and a metallic blue that’s very close to what I used to wear as a teenager.

I’ll admit I’m not an expert to all this new nail art, but it looks very pretty and fancy. Therefore, I did get one package of tiny flower stickers. I also looked at the many styles and designs of acrylic nails, but didn’t buy any of those since I don’t wear plastic nails.

So here’s my partial visual review of the L.A. Colors nail polish and nail dryer kit:

Everything was complete. I tested out the mini nail dryer that takes two AA batteries and it operates. Whether or not it will do as advertised and dry nails in a matter of minutes has yet to be seen. And as soon as I test it out, I can then give my rating of the product. This nail polish kit comes with an Emory board, nail brush (looks like a blush brush to me), finger rest pan which is actually a thin black piece of molded plastic. And four small bottles of vibrant colors of nail polish (hot pink and teal, purple, and red). This kit also includes the nail dryer, some loose glitter, tiny beads, and other jewels to apply to the fingernails, and one package of 10 one-time-use self-adhesive colorful design stickers for your fingernails. Since I have no experience with the nail stickers, I don’t know how good these are. There were a few more L.A. Colors nail polish kits mixed in with the ‘Not part of the after Christmas’ sale items. I overheard the checker tell another customer that the sugar sprinkles or some baking item that was clearly Christmas related wasn’t part of their after Christmas sale. I’m sure the customer wasn’t happy to hear that and I heard a small fuss made over it while I was busy making my selection.

And when I got up to the counter, the checker made it very clear to me that the nail kits weren’t part of the sale and asked me whether or not I still wanted them. Of, course I did. I knew they weren’t part of the sale since that was already made clear to me with the last glow-in-the-dark finger nail polish kit I bought. It’s just crazy sometimes why they leave the last minute gift ideas in with the Christmas items that are half off. Anywho, I’m stocked up as far as nail polishes/ nail care items are concerned. And yes, I also bought the nail buffer kit too this time. Thanks for liking, sharing, re-blogging, commenting. I truly appreciate it. 🙂 I will have another blog on my shredded jeans up soon to give the do-it-yourselfer a better look at how to re-create these awesome 80’s jeans.