The Studio Rockstar nail polish kits: Glitzy Glitter Glam and Neon color 6 packs:

Published January 14, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

Copy of nail kit for blog Okay, it’s actually five different items I’m writing about. I returned to Dollar General and bought the last “glitzy glitter glam” 6 pack Studio Rockstar nail polish, and the regular neon-colored Studio Rockstar 6 pack nail polish which doesn’t glow in the dark (pictured). The regular neon kit did have an interesting shade of purple which looks awesome. I also purchased a nail dryer kit from L.A. Colors. Now the reason why I will not be using L.A. Colors nail polishes is due to the dangerous chemicals and the high levels of Formaldehyde content. I double-checked the Rockstar brand nail polish chemicals, and although, they do reek of chemicals, decided to get it because I can always use these nail polishes for multi-purposes. If you ever find yourself in a bind and need some paint to finish small projects, then nail polishes come in very handy for that especially if you get snowed in and get bored of the internet.

I also purchased some more nail polish by a company called Sinful Colors. It’s a brand of nail polish that doesn’t contain the nasty three dangerous chemicals. Sinful Colors is DPB, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. I found some at Big Lots for $1.95. And if your Big Lots has a vast aisle of cosmetics, they may stock some different colors. I found the standard ‘black’ and a metallic blue that’s very close to what I used to wear as a teenager.

I’ll admit I’m not an expert to all this new nail art, but it looks very pretty and fancy. Therefore, I did get one package of tiny flower stickers. I also looked at the many styles and designs of acrylic nails, but didn’t buy any of those since I don’t wear plastic nails.

So here’s my partial visual review of the L.A. Colors nail polish and nail dryer kit:

Everything was complete. I tested out the mini nail dryer that takes two AA batteries and it operates. Whether or not it will do as advertised and dry nails in a matter of minutes has yet to be seen. And as soon as I test it out, I can then give my rating of the product. This nail polish kit comes with an Emory board, nail brush (looks like a blush brush to me), finger rest pan which is actually a thin black piece of molded plastic. And four small bottles of vibrant colors of nail polish (hot pink and teal, purple, and red). This kit also includes the nail dryer, some loose glitter, tiny beads, and other jewels to apply to the fingernails, and one package of 10 one-time-use self-adhesive colorful design stickers for your fingernails. Since I have no experience with the nail stickers, I don’t know how good these are. There were a few more L.A. Colors nail polish kits mixed in with the ‘Not part of the after Christmas’ sale items. I overheard the checker tell another customer that the sugar sprinkles or some baking item that was clearly Christmas related wasn’t part of their after Christmas sale. I’m sure the customer wasn’t happy to hear that and I heard a small fuss made over it while I was busy making my selection.

And when I got up to the counter, the checker made it very clear to me that the nail kits weren’t part of the sale and asked me whether or not I still wanted them. Of, course I did. I knew they weren’t part of the sale since that was already made clear to me with the last glow-in-the-dark finger nail polish kit I bought. It’s just crazy sometimes why they leave the last minute gift ideas in with the Christmas items that are half off. Anywho, I’m stocked up as far as nail polishes/ nail care items are concerned. And yes, I also bought the nail buffer kit too this time. Thanks for liking, sharing, re-blogging, commenting. I truly appreciate it. 🙂 I will have another blog on my shredded jeans up soon to give the do-it-yourselfer a better look at how to re-create these awesome 80’s jeans.


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