Studio Rockstar 6 pack nail polish- Glow in the Dark and Dollar General ‘after Christmas’ sale reviews:

Published January 12, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

First of all, I love neon colors when they fall in the nail polish realmnail polish neon pink rockstar. Secondly, the colors glow in the dark. Normally, I don’t wear nail polish simply due to the questionable (and downright dangerous) chemicals they contain. I also quit wearing nail polish simply because I couldn’t find any eco-friendly brand out there yet that doesn’t contain or substitute one bad chemical for another. Sure, I know, this Studio Rockstar nail polish pack is made in China, so buyer beware. I skimmed over the ingredients listed on back and compared them to another inexpensive nail polish Broadway, which is commonly found for a $1 at Dollar General and sometimes even the Dollar Tree. Then I compared this six pack nail polish contents to another brand L.A. Colors.

Oh, and what’s this have to do with the ‘after Christmas’ sale going on at Dollar General? Well, it’s extremely misleading. (I would capitalize ‘misleading’ but don’t want to make it appear as though I’m shouting in all caps). They have 50% off of all their Christmas items excluding chocolate covered Cordial Cherries. Nowhere on the excluded list did I notice nail polish gift sets, makeup kit gift sets, etc. So naturally I assumed all was good and it was at half the retail price.

I selected two 6 pack nail polishes and one similar 6 pack called Spice City or something like that and the colors were more metallic and dark. I did the math in my head and figured at most my total for both nail polishes (and oh yeah, can’t forget the nail file and buffer kit for $2) also found displayed in with the Christmas sale items wasn’t going to set me back too much. I also did my usual grocery shopping and got in line to check out.

My turn arrived, and as the checker rang up my purchases, the nail polishes rang up at full price of $5 each. I caught it in time and asked if they were part of the Christmas sale. The nail polishes were not. In fact, neither was the nail file/buffer kit and it was in the stocking stuffer last minute gift-giving display.

Well, crapola. That bites. Oh, well. This is the fourth time Dollar General has done this. They need to state specifically what is and isn’t included in sale so the consumer won’t hold up the line. And seldom does Dollar General honor their printed offers on purchases totaling a certain amount before tax when you get a receipt.

I made a snap decision and very kindly had the poor checker go ahead and void the nail polishes and the nail buffer kit from my order. I paid for my groceries and left. I had totally phased out I did have a few spare dollars on me. And after I put my groceries in my vehicle, I returned and bought the neon glow in the dark nail polish kit. I think if they aren’t included in the Christmas sale, then Dollar General really needs to display this neon nail polish 6 pack kit in the nail care section, but that’s just me. Their after Christmas sale is vague. So, don’t make the mistake and think it will be fifty per cent off.

These neon colors are very reminiscent of the 1980s and those that grew up and/or were teenagers during this time can remember with great fondness all about the short-lived fads, fashion, big hair, door knocker earrings, extremely loud heavy metal/  rock music, Atari and (first generation) Nintendo games, etc. and I was no exception to this either. And I believe this same nostalgia holds true for every generation that came before and after.

Studio Rockstar packaging—yes, the neon pink, zebra print and oh, so retro-styling packaging caught my eye. It looked like something that could have been plucked straight from the 80s and placed on display in 2016. That’s a plus when the typography and package design appeals to my sight. It’s something familiar. The questionable chemicals were ‘iffy’ at very best because I doubt there’s a nail polish on the planet that can escape the formaldehyde chemical that likely goes under a million trillion sneaky names to intentionally mislead the health-conscious consumer. If I don’t plan to use it as nail polish, then I could always use these in place of hobby paints, for example. So, I bought one of the last neon glow in the dark packages they had left.
The pros and cons about getting said nail polishes out of the packaging on a scale of one to ten (1 being the worst, 10 being the easiest), I’d rate the difficulty level in opening this package a -1. You’ll need a pair of sturdy kitchen sheers, pliers and a good pair of work gloves since the plastic is sharp!

Whoever glued these nail polish bottles inside the inner plastic container is an absolute dumbbell! Are all the nail polishes packaged this way nowadays? Good grief! Maybe they’re just sold for looks. I don’t know what industrial strength crazy glue they use over in China, but I was never able to extract the nail polish bottles yet from the plastic inner container. :/

Are the neon colors true to what was around during the 1980s? Yes and no.

Yes, since the neon colors are vibrant shades that are true to what was around back then. And no, because during the eighties finding these neon color nail polishes especially if they glowed in the dark were non-existent in my [then young recollection]. The only time I had ever seen wild neon colors was when my next door neighbor friend Mindy showed me her painted fingernails one day. She had just returned from Boston, a place I could point to on a map, but never seen in person. She spoke of how she tried the original Boston baked beans, and as I listened, I tried to wrap my head around what she was describing to me in excited detail because it all seemed surreal to me. I didn’t travel much, if at all from the state I lived in during the eighties/ early 90s, so all of what she told me was new and exciting when she told me all about her visit to see her relatives. And there was also a lot of ‘carry over’ from the late eighties that hung thick in the summer air like Super hold Aqua Net hairspray by the early 90s and disappeared entirely by 1993.

The only nail polishes I wore during this time was Wet n’ Wild’s metallic blue since my parents forbid me and my older sister to wear black nail polish. That was once deemed by many straight-laced 80’s parents like ours to be rebellious and wild. Go ahead and laugh you newer generation. 🙂 But my generation “Started it first!” so, there. Nanny-nanny boo-boo. 😛

But we all have to make compromises, right? Let the young kids wear what they want and blow their parent’s hard-earned money on more body modifications/ piercings and another tattoo? Not even in your wildest dreams. Back in the eighties it was a very different era, far removed from the generations coming up nowadays. Our fashion included (if you had extremely rich parents) Gitano jeans, Reeboks, and preppy shirts bought from the Brass Buckle (nowadays just shortened to “the Buckle”). Shirts were tucked in the waistband and slightly tugged to show off the girl’s figure) and jeans were rolled at the ankles, socks scrunched.

I’m very grateful looking back that our parents did give us some compromises about our strict household rules on what we could wear out of the house. But those neon colors Mindy showed me never left my mind. They were very bright, almost gave me a headache they were so intense, but nowhere available in my area at the time or even in the big cities that I was aware of. And like always I never asked Mindy if I could write down the name of those neon nail polishes. All I remember is she told me something to the effect they were one of those hard to find items. And back in the early 90s, neon nail polish was scarce to find since I never seen them again until endless searching lead me to discover Manic Panic makeup and their impressive line of nail polishes; black, dark metallics, neons, etc.

And now years later that package of neon glow-in-dark nail polishes that I saw in Dollar General today reminded me of those exact colors that Mindy once wore proudly. She had each fingernail painted a different shade of neon yellow, neon orange, and I believe neon-lime green and it really made a bold silent statement for the times, not one of rebellion, but rather one of something drastically new and unseen in our teenage cliques. Like, like, like… (yes, that’s how we spoke in the 80s). We would start our sentences with “Like” as in “Like, hey that’s totally radical!” and “Like, no way!”

Now the colors included in the Studio Rockstar package will vary. They had some glitter nail polishes and other neon-colors that don’t glow in the dark. It’s all a personal preference.

The chemical smell of the Studio Rockstar nail polishes might make you think you just opened up an automotive paint shop in your front room. The scent lingers, but with ventilation, the fumes should eventually go away. So I give this brand of nail polish a -2 because the chemicals are very overpowering.

The color when it’s applied will require 4-6 coats to get good coverage. The colors are watery and sheer. At least was the case for the neon blue and neon pink. I modeled the neon pink for the picture and that was a mere two or three coats I applied. So I will rate the coverage a -4. It states on the package it will take two coats to get good coverage. Really? Like, I don’t think so. It takes more than that.

Anyways, if you want some neon glow in the dark nail polishes (6 in a pack) the $5 is worth it (for looks and the nostalgia). But for good coverage forget it. I’m willing to guess that these colors probably won’t last very long and would eventually chip and flake off easily.

Glow the dark rating: fades easily when exposed to short light exposure. However, I’m sure these colors would look awesome under a black light. I also presume these nail polishes contain possible carcinogens, so wearer take care.

The colors rating: 10, and if they ever improve getting the bottles to pry loose from the packaging, then I will rate it a 12+. Overall given the name “rockstar” brings to mind the 80s big hair bands and heavy metal of my youth of days gone by, but also conjures up a time of girlish delight and happy innocence if that makes any sense which is another reason why I purchased it.

Thanks for liking, commenting, re-blogging, sharing, I truly appreciate it. 🙂 I will have some other blogs strictly about 80s fashion, hair, and makeup (from a metalhead’s perspective) and will provide a do-it-yourself tutorial on how to re-create the ‘shredded’ concert-going 80’s styled jeans that were all the rage back in the day, too. 🙂


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