How to make 1980’s shredded jeans:

Published January 12, 2016 by AntiqueMystique1

What you will need:

One pair of sturdy, sharp scissors.

One broken-into well fitting, straight leg jeans. (Levis 501 or a pair of old acid-washed jeans will suffice if you can find a pair nowadays). If not,then any pair of jeans will do.Copy of shred 80s jeans danny walh

Starting just below the front pockets, poke tip of scissors through the top layer of material. Don’t puncture to the back of the jeans and don’t wear these as you proceed to make these shredded jeans.

Next, working from left to right (or whichever starting point you prefer), cut a slit through the material, stopping at the seam.

Repeat each slit about a half inch or an inch apart all the way beyond the knee. Allow for the material to fray and make sure the slits aren’t too close together or else they won’t last as long.

When finished making the slits down the front legs, reverse the jeans and start well below the back pockets (depending if you want your underwear to show).

Staying true to eighties fashion, most shredded jeans around this time didn’t show off the underwear.

Proceed to cut slits in the back legs of the jeans pay careful attention not to cut into the front legs, thus it’ll ruin the slits already made.

Keeping perfect slits on both sides shouldn’t matter too much. Going for the frayed look was more in vogue than the alignment of the slits in the material.

Finish by turning the jeans inside out. Wash them in cold water to prevent shrinkage. You may not notice hardly any fraying of the jeans on the first or even third washing. Fraying of denim takes time and some inferior jeans may fray faster than others.

Copy of shred jeans nowadays

Photos provided are to show how the original 80s shredded jeans looked compared to the newer (mass-produced/sweat shop) versions that are commonplace nowadays. A tip to pull off the eighties shredded jeans: Girls, wear a pair of panty hose or colorful thin tights underneath to enhance this look. Showing skin back in the day (if you’re a girl) wasn’t the point of wearing these shredded jeans. It was more about what looked cool rather than ‘showing off’ too much. Also, whoever mentioned that everybody wore these shredded jeans back in the 80s because it was the thing to do was likely ‘born’in that time and doesn’t realize that the ’80s shredded jeans’ fashion was loathed by many straight-laced conservative, eighties parents. It would be like me saying everybody donned disco leisure suits, open shirts, sporting gold chains throughout the span of the 1970s and hit their local discos five nights a week looking like extras from Saturday Night Fever. 🙂 Thanks for liking, re-blogging, sharing, commenting. I truly appreciate it.


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