Avocado Hair Mask- DIY (Do it yourself):

Published June 6, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

Here’s what you need:

One avocado, peeled, pit removed, and blended. I would recommend putting the avocado pieces into a blender and discarding the pit and skin in the trash and/ or compost pile if you have one.

1 Tsp. Olive oil

(I would say this should be optional since it may tend to leave your hair oily and you’ll have to either shampoo it twice or run a little bit of apple cider vinegar through your hair to get the oil out).

1 Tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh-squeezed).

The only bad thing I’ve noticed about applying lemon juice on my hair is that it will turn it straw-like consistency. Secondly, I didn’t notice any high lighting benefits when going out in the sun.

Mix all these ingredients and apply on to your scalp and hair and leave it in for twenty minutes, then wash it out. The result should be shiny hair. However, since I have yet to try this myself all individual results will vary. Thanks for reading, liking and sharing as always!


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