Frugal limited budget consumer part 3 Vitamins: telling the difference between real and synthetic.

Published June 4, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

Yes, I’m very serious when it comes to my health and also taking vitamins. Also, living and eating frugally does show on the outside. And you’ll feel better too both inside and outside and it all starts with….

Loving yourself.

Yep, if you learn to love yourself (that’s being content with how the Lord made you and using daily positive affirmations), then you’ll begin to see a remarkable improvement in how you feel and how people see you. I read this recently in an article from a freebie magazine, Good Health Lifestyles, spring 2015 edition. The advice she gave, I found quite intriguing, but only at first glance from Mariel Hemmingway (granddaughter of literary Ernest Hemmingway) where she discusses finding health and happiness naturally.

Mmmm, okay… an actress giving advice and then by the end of the article she sounded like a typical rehearsed public service announcement and went off topic, I believed.

Rather than trash this magazine like I so often have gotten in the habit of doing if it’s stuffed inside along with my purchases, I decided to skim through it and see if I could pick apart any tidbits of interesting new knowledge and didn’t find much. I did wade through a slew of products promising everything from youthful glowing skin, anti-aging creams, vitamins for men and women, and not an ounce of it made me feel the need to rush out and order it off the websites and try it sight unseen.

Not only am I frugal grocery shopper, I’m also very selective when deciding what to put in and use on my body. Also, there are times when its impossible to evade, especially when visiting a health food and vitamin store. Some of their products are marked up and I’ve discovered no less questionable ingredients in any of the ‘natural’ products we use everyday.

When it comes to vitamins, however, (and I will drill this into your head), I highly recommend that you do your research in the company. Especially when its vitamin E. The vitamin E being sold in grocery stores from vitamin makers like Nature Made, which is inexpensive and here’s why: their vitamin E is synthetic.

You’re likely unwittingly damaging your body when taking something that’s promoted as being healthy when in fact, it probably isn’t.

What to look for on the label:

If it states “dl” Look for the ‘L’ after the ‘D’ and this will let you know that it’s totally fake and a waste of money.

Will the REAL vitamin E please stand up?

Okay, here’s one made by a company called “Solaray” and they list their vitamin E as “natural d-alpha” on the bottle of their multivitamins. If it states “d-alpha” it supposed to be the real deal and not synthetic. I double-checked this with my local vitamin store to verify this.

Let me go on to add that I’m not a dietician or even a licensed nutritionist. I’m not associated with any medical profession, either. I simply love to share my knowledge with others and what’s benefited me thus far in my life. Now, what works for me might not work for everybody else since everyone is different and so are their nutritional needs. I just felt the urge to stress that.

Vitamin C… yes aside from being the name of a Pop singer/songwriter and actress, it’s also a vitamin still untouched and hasn’t turned up being synthetic to my knowledge. In my early twenties I used to take vitamin C powder and mix it with water. I also heard taking a few liquid drops of vitamin B-6 helps the body to absorb it faster. But I’ve never taken a liquid vitamin so I can’t comment on its overall effectiveness.

I take Rexall’s vitamin B-12 and Sundown’s vitamin C along with the aforementioned multivitamin. I also include a Probiotic in my diet from time to time. A probiotic is healthy bacteria produced in your gut. I wouldn’t get carried away with it or any vitamin regimen and just follow directions on the bottle. Personally, I just take under half the recommended dosage.

Now, vitamins can be costly, no doubt, but I do sincerely believe there are many benefits to taking them since getting vitamins naturally from foods would be minimal, at best. And if you think about it, you’d really have to gorge yourself eat a TON of veggies and fruits.

Why I don’t do the fruit or veggie smoothies anymore is because my body can’t tolerate them. Don’t get me wrong I do love blending these up and having a smoothie as a quick ‘go to’ meal replacement, but honestly, smoothies should never replace an actual meal, just pointing this out. But they do taste great none the less. As for the weight loss, I really didn’t notice the pounds melting away like magic. You still have to get out there and exercise even if all you do is go for a short walk around the block or do twenty minutes worth of exercises every day with two days of rest.

Now for the exercises and why I don’t go slap happy crazy on the extreme body toning exercises is because I don’t want to resemble a Rolled Gold pretzel stick. I’m a woman and the Lord has blessed me with a natural hourglass figure and I plan to keep it looking feminine, for one. And secondly, showing off a six pack isn’t my thing. It looks super attractive on some men, but not for me since I’m a woman.

The exercises that I do are what I discovered from late natural path, Bernarr Macfadden. I also walk as well and at one time used to bicycle which was a way of life for me for many years until I discovered that most motorists don’t pay attention and/or have some mean streak a mile wide and just want to run me off the road. It’s a dangerous world for cyclists I found out and that’s the main reason why I quit cycling everywhere. Sometimes the space along a road is marginal and if there’s a slew of parking stalls and motorists turning in and backing out creates a lot of unwanted stress for the cyclist since motorists often times don’t look when backing up or simply fail to pay attention when behind the wheel.
And did you know its against the law to ride on the sidewalk in any area of a downtown district? This is true. It’s something that I didn’t know was even in the law books, but it’s a very antiquated law that’s still enforced and the police will fine you. Same goes for skateboarding and roller blading which was a short-lived fad in the late 90s/ early 2000’s.

So cyclists beware, before you decide to merge with that side walk, hop off your bike and ‘walk’ it. Also, there’s usually never a bike rack when you need one so locking up your bicycle to a newspaper stand, light post or tree might get you in trouble as well.

What I don’t recommend for exercise is jogging and/ or running. Although this will help you lose weight, this also, overtime reeks havoc on your joints and cartilage and tendons. It’s great to build up the leg muscles, but I’d rather have ease of mobility when I hit my golden years than living in constant pain from something I did when young.

I also garden for exercise and mow the lawn, pull weeds by hand and there’s never a shortage of ‘back breaking work’ around my house. I find that engaging in these activities gives me a work out and I take my time. I never hurry through my work just like I don’t get in a hurry wherever I drive. I plan accordingly and leave early and take leisurely routes when the whim strikes me.

Thanks for reading, liking and sharing and be sure to stay tuned for my next installment. 🙂


2 comments on “Frugal limited budget consumer part 3 Vitamins: telling the difference between real and synthetic.

  • So interesting about the “d” clue – I never knew that, and I am an inveterate label-reader and research geek, LOL.

    The most important thing, IMHO, is “know your body” because there’s no one-size-fits-all regime. For instance I have never been able to take any kind of iron or zinc supplement, ever, because it does bad things to my kidneys and bladder. I also can’t take any multivitamin because there’s something in them – no idea which particular element of the witch’s brew, LOL – that causes problems for me as well. Can’t tolerate either citric or ascorbic acid anymore, nor any acidic foods, so I take a daily Ester-C because otherwise my vitamin C intake would be zero. I do take a fish oil capsule daily but it is made by Carlson… pricey, but I feel more confident in that brand than any other. But that’s it as far as “supplements”. My vitamin D level is in the single digits but I can’t supplement without high risk of the nightmare that is kidney stones – and so it’s a case of “pick your poison” or in my case, choose which risk I’m more comfortable taking. Having experienced serious kidney stone complications twice, I’d much rather risk whatever problem the current theory du jour about low vitamin D happens to be – it will probably be debunked twenty years from now anyway, LOL.

    All I know is that whenever my body tells me (in its own inimitable way) “Don’t ingest this” or “Don’t do that again”, I say “Yes ma’am, whatever you say, ma’am!” 🙂

    • Yep, like you, my body has ways of loving me back in wrong ways. I always tell myself no more veggie smoothies because it creates too much havoc on my system, but they taste so good! The only vitamin I have trouble taking is calcium, And you’re probably right about twenty years from now, the vitamins will be debunked or they may say it was all a joke to sucker people out of their hard-earned/ saved money. I know after my emergency gallbladder removal surgery back in 2011, I changed what I ate and began doing a process of elimination in way of fast foods, pre-processed foods, frozen dinners, junk foods, candy, sodas, etc.

      For the past five years now I’ve seen extremely good results. I always swear up and down (not cussing) that sugar is a culprit for feeling depressed and it messes with the brain chemicals and makes people gain weight, winds up their system, etc.

      I also exercise everyday whether it’s yard work, gardening or walking. I used to be an avid swimmer eons ago (I still love swimming!) but the city decided to close down all public swimming pools couple years back and put in an eyesore of a water park, charge outrageous fees and your swim attire can’t be shorts or shirt over a bikini, for example.

      It’s terrible because I have some nasty life saving scars from my gallbladder surgery I can’t just Photoshop off my body, Lol and show off like its nothing. People do tend to gawk and will comment on how the scars got there and why which I find to be very intrusive and rude.

      But that’s what local tax dollars went towards… a water park where you CAN’T swim the old-fashioned way. I may join my local YMCA, where they actually have two old-fashioned swimming pools. But I will have to see what they charge in way of monthly rates. I hear they like to automatically deduct it from your checking/savings accounts every month and don’t feel comfortable letting someone else have access to that.

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