Porcelain, part 2:

Published May 12, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

Various porcelain dishes, salt and pepper shaker.

One thing about old antique porcelain, sure it looks great. But I’d caution against using it for every day dishes. It’s pretty to collect and that’s about it. The salt and pepper shakers pictured are stamped Bavaria. The tea pot in the far back, saucers and cups are from an era unknown. The tea cups to the right with saucers suffer a bad case of crazing and yellowing. The two serving plates in the back I have no idea what era those date to.
I snapped the picture a while back. I did come across some Fiesta ware, but never touch the stuff. Why? Because some of the Fiesta ware, especially the red glazed variety can contain heavy metals and other nasty toxins. Many years ago back in 1995 I caught a segment of a TV show where people would come on a show and ask an appraiser how much their collections were valued at and if anybody was interested in buying their item(s). This wasn’t an episode of “Antiques Road Show”, I simply forget the name of the program since its been eons ago and that’s where I first heard about the heavy metals in porcelain, especially in Fiesta ware, oh and I believe Fiesta ware is radioactive, yikes!
This is probably all for my porcelain installment. I don’t plan to collect it since a lot of it is questionable at best and it would just be another thing to take up space. Thanks for reading and please keep checking back.


2 comments on “Porcelain, part 2:

  • Ah, you beat me to it.:) I stumbled upon that black light and Vaseline glass in 2000 on Wikipedia because I was curious about adding some to my collection so I did research on it, then read about the uranium and decided not to. I almost panicked when a customer approached the counter in one of our antique stores and proudly stated she was going to use the green Vaseline glass butter dish she clutched for everyday use!

    I don’t work in an antique store but am a regular customer. I was thinking, “Lady, please pick out something not radioactive, like… that, old pair of roller skates… something you won’t be eating off of.”

    And it could be she may not have believed or didn’t know the toxicity of Vaseline glass can pose. I’m also leery of anything that states “Non-toxic” and still glows in the dark, too.

    Oh, and don’t forget that beautiful ‘purple’ glass that has mercury in it. Even though it doesn’t glow, if its exposed to sunlight the rays will cause the glass to become dark purple over time. For a while it was a hot seller and a lot of people wanted to use it to display in their homes and for dining. Personally, I’d steer clear of it.

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