Congrats and…

Published May 9, 2015 by AntiqueMystique1

grad cap

“You’re right on time,” my dad appeared displeased. “Actually, you’re an hour late.”

Nobody told me at what specific time the vehicle needed an oil change and I’m not told of it until the very last minute.

“Sorry.” I drive slow as a turtle. I don’t get in a hurry even when I know there’s a lot of important stuff. I do, however, leave early and allow for extra time to get where I need to be. But on this day, things didn’t go smooth later on.

It’s no surprise that my mom and I would be ‘dumped’ with a million other demands on all of the most important days. My very, very, very best friend was graduating from nursing school. Yay!

We told our relative to pass along the message to my step grandfather we couldn’t possibly pack in errand-running because we were going to my friend’s graduation. We also had the daunting (and depressing) task of sorting through my late grandmother’s clothes and very picked-through (err, I mean, tossed in a grocery bag) of jewelry that was dropped off on our bewildered relative at a moment’s notice like some kind of ‘drop-off’ place.

Today of all days was NOT the day I wanted to feel that dreaded sense of hopeless sadness and invisible anger nipping at my heels, but it did. I decided it wasn’t going to mar this very special (and exciting day) for my friend from Jr. High school (we go way back to the days when brown paper bags made awesome canvases for our insatiable artistic devotions to the rock music we love). And that’s entirely a different ball o’ ear wax.

My mother and I relieved our relative of grandma’s personal effects, crammed it in the vehicle and it was an extremely heavy and over-sized box. We made it to the graduation forty minutes ahead of schedule. It was an awesome ceremony and hilarious at times! Had we known we could have cheered loudly, then we would have broke out the mega phone and pom-poms.

My longtime friend was thrilled to see me and mom among three-hundred-and-fifty in attendance show for this monumental event and we… totally forgot to pack the camera. Serious, no joke. It felt like a Homer Simpson “Doh!” moment. Our family would take a life-time achievement award for more than twenty consecutive years ‘forgetting the camera’ during those once-in-a-lifetime events. Maybe it was that pressing task that hung over us when we arrived home of sorting through my grandma’s articles that made me miss the Kodak moment. And that’s what makes me upset as well. I totally forgot to document my friend’s special day.


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